Press Release

Publish Date: 4/7/2020


Document Intended to Clarify State of Emergency Guidelines for Public

FONDA- County Executive Matthew L. Ossenfort issued Local Emergency Order 3 of 2020 today to enhance protective measures in place under the State of Emergency declared March 15 due to COVID-19.   

“COVID-19 is a danger to public safety and action needs to be taken to protect the health and welfare of Montgomery County residents,” Ossenfort said. “We are doing our best to clarify for people what they should and shouldn’t be doing and reiterate how important it is for them to abide by the guidelines included in the Emergency Order. It is essential that we try to minimize the impact this illness has on our community.”

The Emergency Order details activities in the County that should not be taking place, as well as specific businesses that should not be operating until this order is revoked. Failure to comply with the Local Emergency Order can result in being charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. 

“We need to ensure the public is still maintaining social distancing and staying home, despite the Easter holiday this weekend, “Public and Mental Health Director Sara Boerenko said. “We understand that you wish to be spending quality time with your extended family and friends but at this time, it’s just not wise to do so, holiday or not.”

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will continue to patrol neighborhoods throughout the community and make sure residents are abiding by the guidelines issued in the Emergency Order. 

“One of the purposes of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is to provide a service that supports consistency, efficiency and quality, all in an attempt to promote safety,” County Sheriff Jeffery T. Smith said. “During this COVID-19 pandemic the rules have changed for all of us. For example, social distancing, limits on what can be open and operate and limits on the number of people together in one area,” he continued.

“The Sheriff’s Office is tasked at times to enforce compliance with these issues and if we receive and respond to a complaint we will always make attempts to have people cooperate and follow the rules peacefully. We ask that you do not put our office in a position causing us to take a more detailed enforcement action. Although criminal charges are not our goal, if non-compliance becomes an issue we will take the necessarily actions to keep the community safe,” Smith said.

“I want to thank all of our residents who have remained vigilant in following COVID-19 guidelines,” Ossenfort said. “By continuing to adhere to the recommended social distancing procedures I’m confident Montgomery County will come out of this Stronger Together.”